Street Photography

I’m a street photography lover. I usually do street photography in all the cities I visit, in events, in different places… or just in whatever interesting situation. I think street photography can capture the atmosphere, people, happenings in the daily life… but above all, I feel that the photographer is defined by the street photography. While you are selecting thousands of shoots, suddenly start to appear repeated patterns and it describes what you have been looking for while shooting.

When I go out for shoot I forget everything, I take it like a free exercise, using different lens, flashes, natural light… sometimes I look for a perfect composition and other times I like to break all the rules. I really like to get a perfect exposure, but depending on the moment I like to try overexposure and underexposure. I like to shoot hidden, but also I like to show myself, because the attitude of the people changes if they see the photographer. I love talking to interesting people and usually try to get a prepared portrait of them. Sometimes I like the pictures that tells something, a story, sometimes what I want is just an aesthetic, a frame that has caught my attention, some colors.

The only rule I have is show respect to all the people and don’t forget to send the pictures if they ask me for them. Except of that, there are no rules. A picture works or not works, is simple.