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Dominicans in Madrid is one of my still active photography projects. From 1996, a lot of Dominicans started to coming to Spain.

The people from Spain usually thinks the Dominicans meet in parlors, that the work in the construction, and even that they are usually involve in drug and criminal cases, this is due to misinformation and generalization, a big problem of our contemporary society.

My story with the Dominicans was like almost all the rest of my stories, some stuffs led me to other stuffs. I already met Brasta, a Dominican from San Sebastian de los Reyes, due to stuffs related with music. We took some pictures for a clothing brand, Brasta brought some Dominican models, one of them was Loly, who was my link with the Dominicans of Usera, a neighborhood of Madrid. Also, the uncle of my girlfriend introduced to me some Dominicans of Alcobendas, owners of pubs, food shops, bar…

I have been working on this project one year and a half, I was lucky and I have known the Dominican culture and a lot of Dominicans who are involved in many different activities. The Dominicans are friendly people, this has facilitated the integration in the Spanish society.

By the moment I have known three different ways to make Mamajuana, a magic and aphrodisiac drink.