-If you had it to do all over again, knowing what would happen, would you make the same choice?
-What choice? The last thing I learnt on my Yeshivá is “We can’t run from ourselves, our destiny chooses us”.
Rounders 1998

My name is Jesús Calonge. I started photography recently, I bought my first reflex camera in 2011.
I never was into photography, didn’t know any photographers either, but obviously I knew how to identify a good work, even though never before I stopped and think who did it or how they did it.

I came into this by chance, at a turning point in my life, when I came back home after a 3 years trip. I tried to continued my Sociology degree, but that year they didn’t have enough places in college because of the increased demand of students, caused by the financial crisis and the lack of jobs.

I applied in everything I could, in some different places that I can’t imagine how my life would be if destiny had brought me into another direction, I guess it would be just different. The only school I got a place was in Jose Luis Garci, in the image course, where you learn everything related with photography, video and lighting.

I started taking photos, but above all I started to “look”, and I had the desire to have had a camera the rest of my past life, because memories became photos that now I could never show anyone.

I’m not going to say that photography changed my life, but gave it a spiritual sense, because photography made me see everything from a new point of view: the past, the present, and maybe the future.

I finished my studies at PIC.A Photoespaña and Workshop Experience, where I learnt digital edition/posproduction, photojournalism and fashion/portraits.

The sector of photography that I am most interested in is photojournalism.

To show my own point of view of things, but also to understand and show the point of view of other people when we work in group.

I hope you enjoy my work.